Monday, March 19, 2007

March 25, 2007

Here are the readings for this week:

Isaiah 43:16–21

God says, “You’ve heard about all the mighty things that I’ve done in the past. But now I am doing something completely new.”

Philippians 3:4–14

Is it possible to know the power of Christ’s resurrection without sharing in the fellowship of his suffering?

John 12:1–8

Was Mary the only one truly understood Jesus’ mission?

Update: I'm struck by Paul's statement about "confidence in the flesh." I'm afraid we've put this into a box so that it no longer bites into real life. We talk about not earning our salvation. But what if we think about this as what we put our trust (or confidence) in.

In other words, do we really trust God? Or do we put our confidence in our 401(k)? There are many things that we put our confidence in rather than God. If we really trusted God for our future, for our happiness, how would our lives be different?